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Hot tub Cleaning service

The price of the Professional Spa/Hot Tub Cleaning is $364, and includes:

  • Draining the spa/tub
  • External deep cleaning by hand of shell, tub, pillows, ladders, panels, cover, and stain removal
  • Complete cleansing and sanitizing of internal components such as: pipes, pumps, hoses, valves and jets
  • Refilling the spa/tub

To arrange an appointment please call me at: 703-323-4482

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Professional Hot Tub Cleaning

price: $364.00

The Hot tub /Spa must be filled with water and in basic working order. This Deal is not valid for non- working spa/hot tub.

If the spa has not been working during the winter, or for an extended period of time, you will need a separate Diagnostic/ Service Call, where we will check the spa/hot tub for possible freezing, or other damages, and tell you exactly what you need. The price for this additional service is a flat rate of $185*. If the issue is something that we can fix right then and there with parts we have in regular stock, we'll do it and all you pay over the initial $185*, is the cost of any parts you may need. If your job requires parts to be special ordered, we will give you a detailed estimate including parts, labor, and how long it will take to get it done.Once you approve the estimate we schedule the Repair Appointment.

To arrange an appointment please call us at: 703-323-4482

  • Limited Service Area for Cleaning and Winterization: We service a radius of up to 15 miles around Burke-Springfield, Virginia.
  • Diagnostics/Repairs Area calls: We travel to the areas of Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Southern Maryland. Other areas by special request (travel fee applies).
  • Extended Service Area for Diagnostics/Repairs: $185, for the first 15 miles + $6.00 x each extra mile.

* There is a 4% surcharge to any credit card transaction